About Us

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Mt. Moriah Baptist Church

2606 N 24th Street

Omaha, NE 68111

Mount Moriah, whose name means “prepared for God,” was organized in 1887 and was the first predominantly black Baptist church in Omaha, Nebraska. Outreach to those in need has been second only to evangelism for the Rev. Dr. Ralph Lassiter, Sr., has continued the Mount Moriah tradition of evangelism and community

service with a focus on serving the whole person without regard to race 

or current life challenges.

 Mount Moriah congregation over the past 128 years.  Currently Mount Moriah operates Concord Square, a 21 unit housing complex for elderly and low-income citizens; sponsors an on-site  program for drug and alcohol recovery (Overcomers in Christ); regularly offers marriage and relationship education seminars, health screenings and provides Thanksgiving dinner to over 1,000 families each year. Mt. Moriah's current pastor since 2005.