Transformation Groups at Mt. Moriah

Why Transformation Groups?


In response to a renewed commitment to Jesus’ mandate to make disciples; and understanding that one of the best ways to make disciples is through small groups; and in response to our Churches newly established vision statement, “Transformed People Everywhere”, Mt Moriah has restructured its ministry to function through what we call Transformation Groups.  Transformation Groups (T-Groups) are used for Bible Study in place of Sunday School and Mid-Week Study


What Is a Transformation Group?


A “Transformation Group” at Mt Moriah is a group of 3-8 people associated in an environment that allows members to experience life change as they move from sinfulness to obedience in Christ.


It is the church in miniature where members are transparent, accountable and responsive in order to Make, Mature and Multiply Disciples.  This is accomplished through Bible Study, Prayer fellowship and service


Transformation groups meet weekly for 1 ½ to 2 hours growing in relationship through God’s Word, fun and acts of service to the community.

 Transformation Group Schedule


 5:00 p. m. Kim Harp & Joyce Willis

 6:00 p. m. Howard Miers & Cedrick Patrick Jr.


            6:30 p. m. Dina Nared and Virginia Lemmons

            7:00 p. m. Larry Nicholson and Cortez Pinkney


           10:00 a. m.

                 Mearl Pruitt & Jenaye Broom

                 Sandra Baltimore & Sandra Sanders

            12:00 a. m.

                        Doris Williams & Ruby Jean Moore

Our goal is to have every member of our church participating in a T-Group.   In addition, individuals seeking to learn more about discipleship and/or membership in a Bible-believing church, are welcome to join one of our Transformation Groups.

Become A Transformation Group Member

·         Begin attending the T – Group of your choice

·         Call or email Pastor Williams @ 402-679-3737 or hisgrace48


Looking forward to seeing you in a T-Group


Pastor T. Michael Williams